Amazon Black Friday deal 2022 Shop Best Buy’s Black Friday TV specials. As you may be aware, Best Buy’s Black Friday TV sales are legendary, and other home theater component sales aren’t far behind. Given the variety of Black Friday TV deals available, you might want to start your search for the perfect TV by deciding which television technology you prefer. OLED and LED (light-emitting diode) are the two most well-liked organic light-emitting diodes. In a nutshell, OLED TVs can be incredibly thin and light, have better black levels, faster response times with less blur, good viewing from a wider range of angles, and use less energy. Because of their superior brightness (especially in bright rooms), excellent contrast ratio, and overall superior value, LED TVs.

LG 55-Inch Class QNED85 Series Alexa Built-in 4K Smart TV, 120Hz Refresh Rate,

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I researched for months before deciding on a TV and not once did I do this in a store. Of all brands, It came down to this: Did I want a big “name” brand like Sony, or Samsung or did I want more technology in the set itself to weatherproof myself against outdated technology in 2-4 yrs I went with the later. Of all those choices of manufacturers, LG stands out as the most reliable choice with the least problems with awesome upgrades in features vs Sony, Samsung, and for a better price.

Amazon Black Friday deal 2022

LG Smart TV

The QNED line was our # 1 choice for screen technology and my best guess is QNED (similar to Samsung) will be the screen technology most popular going forward. Absolutely awesome picture in a 4K Quantum Dot NanoCell Display from LG. Just read about QNED and you’ll see why. OLED is too expensive and has reports of screen burn-in, and a lower lifespan.
So in LG QNED, the choices were between this model 75QNED85UQA vs 75QNED80UQA and the 75QNED90UQA. 80 vs 85 vs 90? 80 is about $500 cheaper than 85 and 85 is less than 90.

All have the same Wi-Fi standard (802.11ac) and the same connectivity — HDMI-CDC simple link (lets you use one remote to control all connected devices), and most important to us, the updated/latest HDMI 2.1 (4K @ 120Hz) on ports 3, 4 (4 total HDMI ports), plus HDCP 2.2 on all, plus HDMI ARC (is port 3), and an ethernet port, Digital Audio Out (optical), and RF for Antenna/cable, and others. It does NOT have the older RCA composite or component connections for older devices but we purchased separately an RCA to HDMI converter for $11 for an older Wii.
We eliminated the 90 upfront because it was a 2021 model with an older generation processor than either the 80 or 85, and it also had an older WebOS Operating System, despite having full array dimming pro backlight dimming technology and other features. Plus it was more expensive.

Amazon Black friday Smart TV deal 2022

LG Best Smart TV

So between the 80 and 85, I chose the 85 because it has these features that the 80 doesn’t.
Audio: The 85 has Dolby Atmos The 80 doesn’t
Backlight type: Mini-LED vs Edge ****
Backlight Dimming Technology: Precision in the 85 vs local in the 80
100% Color Volume in the 85 not in the 80
Object Brightness Booster in the 85 not in the 85
******HDR: The 85 has Dolby Vision HDR (Cinema HDR Dolby Vision, HDR 10, HLG, and Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro. The 80 does NOT have Dolby Vision HDR or the pro version of tone mapping *

The HDR was a key in choosing between the 80 and 85 but also the sound. It was worth the extra $$ to us as we plan to keep our TV for many years. Overall, LG just outwitted, outsmarted, and outplayed Sony and Samsung. Now set up, our 75QNED85UQA is unbelievably beautiful.

OF course, we upgraded to HIGH END 8K HDMI cables to connect to our 4K Roku because those will transmit 4K @ 120Hz in HDMI ports 3, and 4. Couldn’t find a 4K cable that would do that but the 8K will. Also, don’t forget to upgrade your internet signal to whomever it comes from — and if you subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, etc . . . you’ll need to upgrade your plans to the 4K plans or you’re wasting your money on a 4K TV.
We’ve found that Netflix, so far, carries the most 4K movies and shows — pages and pages full of them. And you can even see the fleas in the Bonobos beard in the National Geographic specials . . Absolutely awesome.
Last, setup was a breeze. The TV is heavy — the extra setup (paid for) was worth it. The TV is heavy.

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